Friday, November 7, 2008

Support the Pedatric Brain Tumor Foundation Carrie Ann

Hey everyone! It is Insatiable Geisha here! and I am enjoying my 1st post! I started this blog to feature some great Charity Auctions that I host on eBay, as well as to mention great charity auctions that my friends host! Check this one out! It Supports the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation!

My inspiration to start this blog was for a little girl named Carrie Ann! Since the age of 14 months, she has been fighting a tremendous fight with a rare brain tumor called Ependymoma.

Support Carrie Ann Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

Ependymoma is the 3rd type of brain tumor, found in 30% of children under the age of 3 and within 200 hundred cases of brain tumors diagnosed in children each year. Carrie Ann has undergone 3 months of chemotherapy, 6 weeks of radiation and 4 surgeries of various reasons. As soon as Carrie turned 3, she experienced her 2nd resection surgery and started a new clinical drug. And as soon as Carrie turned 4, she experienced her 3rd tumor resection.

Just one month ago, Carrie went back to the oncologist & they found a new tumor growth spurt, that has actually arisen in the same area where one was removed back 1 ½ years ago. It was this brain surgery that left a side effect of facial weakness and caused her right eye not to stay closed. Doctors say there may be a cavity that is causing this regrowth, therefore one more surgery to remove the tumor, more radiation treatment, and also a new clinical drug to be taken in hopes of killing the blood vessels leading to this tumor causing area.

This surgery is so close to the last one Carrie Ann has had. But Doctors state these surgeries are doing good for Carrie Ann and not just doing things to her. Like any other child on Halloween, Carrie Ann was excited to dress up and get lots of candy! Even though she knows something is wrong.

After this story, you hopefully can understand how I chose the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation to be my charity of choice. Since 1991 the PBTF has been dedicated to search for the cause and cure of childhood brain tumors. This foundation was founded by Mike and Dianne Traynor, like you and me wanting to make a difference after seeing a young child struggle with overcoming a brain tumor. Before the foundation began, they started the Ride for Kids program back in 1984. Carrie Ann got to participate in the Indiana Ride for Kids this past summer. Check out Carrie Ann GO!!

Support Carrie Ann Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

Support Carrie Ann Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

The PBTF is the largest non governmental funder of brain tumor research in the world. They rely on the generosity of individuals to fund the research that is saving children’s lives. They develop new therapies and drugs to extend the lives of children and we BELIEVE will ultimately lead to a cure!

Let us continue to support Doctors to find a cure for Carrie Ann and all the children like her with this same rare form of brain tumor. Continue to donate to Giving Works and keep this amazing Rockin Sweetheart Rockin!!! Let’s show Carrie Ann family the power of THEIR community. BID ON THIS CHARITY AUCTION!

Much Love and Happiness!!!

Rock On!

If you have a charity you would like me to broadcast/ feature on this blog, let me know:! It does not have to be eBay related!

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